Community Field Survey- Broadband Assets

Detailed Field Infrastructure Inventory:

  • Assets for potential use to expand broadband.
  • Service Providers present.
  • Fiber- Long-haul routes, Middle Mile, Service Provider routes in territory, Public Entity and Private Networks.
  • Huts, DSLAMS and serving enclosures.
  • Terrain Analysis of hills, mountains and viewsheds.
  • Vertical Asset documentation – Towers, Water Tanks, Buildings and Structures.

Community Broadband Market Assessment

Providers, Offerings, Availability and Future Potential

  • Existing Provider’s Plans and Pricing.
    • Affordability Options Detailed.
  • Ground Survey Defining Customer Experienced Speeds and Quality.
  • Denied Areas
    • Lack of Infrastructure .
    • Service Provider refusing to add service ports to existing serving equipment.
  • Future Scalability of Existing Provider’s Architectures.
  • Accurate Assessment of Existing Service Provider’s likelihood to invest in the Community.
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