Tower Development and Management

Tower Development

BroadbandBeyond, LLC supports tower builds as well as performs build-to-suit services:

  • Site Candidate Package Development.
  • Zoning, Permitting.
  • Leasing and Purchasing Property.
  • Perform Studies for NEPA, Tribal, Historic Preservation, Phase 2, etc.
  • Project Management.
  • Co-location from contract development, negotiation through construction.
  • Tower Construction- New Builds, Upgrades and Replacements.

Management of Tower Assets for Optimum RoR

Talk to us about Managing your Towers:

  • Optimum Return on Investment through Experience in Negotiation.
  • Save thousands of hours of in-house time and distraction with
    • Negotiation
    • Contract Development
    • Administration
    • Oversight of construction.
  • We also advise on Buy-outs of leases and tower assets.
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